Why Advertise on the FRAMEN Ads Manager?

The FRAMEN Ads Manager is an easy and intuitive platform that allows you to share your brand story on an exclusive network of screens in over 15 countries, and choose from over 15,000 different venues including coworking spaces, gyms, hotels etc.

Here are the most important reasons why your brand should advertise on the FRAMEN Ads Manager.

πŸ“ Venue targeting

Target and advertise to your audience at specific venue types such as gyms, coworking spaces, hotels, gas stations, bars, restaurants, supermarkets, airports, waiting rooms and more. Gain easy access to these semi-public locations to curate campaigns that appeal to your audience while they work out at a gym, party at a bar or study at a university.

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🌏 Geo-targeting

Geo-target your audience based on their country, state, city, street or even postcode. Easily place customised and localised ads in different regions.

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πŸ“ˆ Forecast Ad Performance

Use the Forecast report to predict the performance of your campaign based on past success metrics with similar targeting.

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 πŸ” Live reports and tracking

Effortlessly access performance reports of your campaigns and creatives for any time period. You’ll be able to see the number of plays, impressions and top-performing cities, amongst other performance metrics.

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πŸ”“ Exclusive access to high-traffic locations

Advertising in semi-public spaces is now simpler than ever. Showcase your brand in high-traffic areas such as malls and restaurants on weekends, airports during the holiday season, or office buildings during business hours.

🎨 User-friendly and intuitive

Every detail of the FRAMEN Ads Manager has been designed with the user in mind, so you can easily create and modify ad campaigns without prior experience.
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πŸ’¬ Automated invoicing
Access invoices and pay via a business bank account or credit card on the FRAMEN Ads Manager. Invoices are auto-generated on a monthly basis and can be easily accessed in the billing section.

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πŸ‘₯ Manage multiple accounts

Agencies and brands can join multiple ad spaces as members. You can effortlessly switch between these spaces to efficiently create and oversee campaigns for your clients or maintain a dedicated account for each country you operate in.

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What would Jennifer do? 

Let us introduce Jennifer, a media buyer at a marketing agency in London. She is responsible for purchasing advertising space and time on behalf of clients in order to ensure that their campaigns reach their target audience. This involves negotiating with media outlets, developing a strategic media plan, monitoring the performance of ads, and staying up-to-date with the latest media trends and developments. Her goal is to place ads in the most cost-effective manner possible while ensuring they meet the client's objectives and specifications. 

Jennifer wants to create a special out of home campaign for her client in London. Follow her on her journey. She just signed up to FRAMEN Ads Manager. 

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