Who do I reach at Gyms?

Reach health enthusiasts, adventure seekers, business people, millennials and gen Z at gyms all over the world.

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👥 Who? 

The audience in gyms can vary depending on the location and type of gym. Gyms located in urban areas may attract a more diverse range of individuals looking for a convenient place to exercise, while gyms located in suburban or rural areas may attract more local clientele. Gyms that focus on specific types of exercise, such as weightlifting or cardio, may attract a more specific audience of people with those interests. Many gyms also offer group fitness classes, which can attract people looking to exercise in a group setting. Gyms can also attract people of different age groups, fitness levels, and goals. Some people may go to the gym to maintain their fitness, others may want to lose weight or gain muscle mass, and others may be recovering from an injury or health condition.

Some of our gyms offer low-cost or no-cost memberships, which can make them accessible to people with lower incomes. We also have premium gyms in our screen network. They offer high-end amenities and services, such as personal training and spa services, which can attract people with higher incomes.

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⏰ When?

Peak hours in gyms can vary depending on the location and type of gym, but generally they tend to be during the early morning and late afternoon, when people are finishing work or school and have free time to exercise. Additionally, they can also be during the weekends, when people have more free time. Gyms located in urban areas may see more activity throughout the day, as these tend to attract a higher volume of people who are looking for a convenient place to exercise. Gyms that offer group fitness classes may see more activity during those class times.

It's also worth noting that the peak hours in a gym may change during the year, for example, during the summer season, some gyms may see a decrease in the number of members or lower attendance during peak hours, as people may prefer to exercise outdoors.

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Nice to know: 3 times is the average number of gym visits per week.

🤔 How? 

Gain access to an audience that is health and fitness oriented at gyms. With the right creatives and campaign messaging you can take your brand to the next level. Learn more about the right campaign set up here.

👀 Where?

Mainly brands such as HolmesPlace and CleverFit, with a growing number of local brands. See all of our gyms in our Ads Manager.