Who do I reach in Hotels?

Reach backpackers, business travellers, couples, families and digital nomads in hotels all over the world.

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👥 Who?

The audience for hotels can vary greatly depending on the location and type of hotel. Hotels located in tourist destinations, such as beach resorts or historical cities, tend to attract vacationers and travelers looking for a temporary place to stay while exploring the area. Business travelers also frequently use hotels as a place to stay while on work trips, and many hotels have amenities and services catering to this demographic such as meeting rooms and business centers. Hotels located near airports or train stations may also attract travelers in transit. Luxury hotels tend to attract affluent travelers looking for a high-end experience, while budget hotels may attract cost-conscious travelers. Overall, hotels cater to a diverse range of individuals, from those looking for a short-term stay to those looking for a more extended stay.

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⏰ When?

Peak hours in hotels tend to be during the evening when guests check in and in the morning when guests check out. However, peak hours can also vary depending on the type of hotel and its location, and also during events that happen in the same city. According to our location data we figured out that peak hours are between 11am and 5pm

🤔 How? 

Based on a brand lift study we figured out that 41% of travelers book hotel rooms for business trips, 60% of families stay in hotels during their vacation and 70% of Gen Xers say vacations are family orientated and are likely to go on more child-friendly holidays.. With the right creatives and campaign messaging you can take your brand to the next level. Learn more about the right campaign set up here.

👀 Where?

Our network includes hostels to hotels and luxury accommodations. See all of our hotels in our Ads Manager.