Audience Targeting - Tips & Tricks

The targeting features on the FRAMEN Ads Manager helps you reach the right target audience with precision and minimum scatter loss.


With the FRAMEN Ads Manager, you can effectively target your ideal audience in a contextual manner, ensuring your brand campaign reaches the appropriate individuals at the optimal time and location. To achieve increased brand awareness, growth, and exposure, consider the following strategies for maximising your reach on the platform.

🎯 Geotargeting

One notable aspect of the FRAMEN Ads Manager is its geotargeting feature, enabling you to precisely direct your advertisements towards particular geographic regions. This can be achieved through the selection of specific countries, regions, states, cities, postal codes, or by specifying a radius around a location. Once the target audience's location is established, you can proceed to develop and deploy advertisements that exclusively reach individuals within that defined geographic area. This strategy enhances the accuracy of ad targeting, ultimately optimising the utilisation of the advertising budget. Learn more>

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🎯 Advanced Time & Date Scheduling

The Advanced Scheduling tool within the FRAMEN Ads Manager facilitates precise audience targeting for you. It enables them to schedule ad placements at specific times and dates, thereby optimising the reach of their marketing efforts. This feature can be leveraged to target advertisements toward individuals during the periods of the day or days of the week when they are most likely to engage with promotional content.

The Advanced Scheduling tool enables you to schedule their advertisements, a valuable feature for those aiming to launch campaigns on precise dates and times, such as during promotional sales or new product launches.

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⚙️ Use Case - Time & Date Scheduling

➔ For instance, a restaurant situated in proximity to a coworking facility catering primarily to office professionals and commuters may strategically schedule their advertisements to be displayed within nearby office spaces during the hours of 11 am to 2 pm. This approach helps in maintaining a lasting impression on individuals during the lunchtime period.

➔ Alternatively, Vodafone utilised FRAMEN to advertise their eco-sustainable telecommunications network for 8 hours per day in coworking spaces at metropolitan cities. They were able to achieve 600,000+ impressions through their campaign.

🎯 Venue Type Targeting

The Venue type targeting feature lets you aim your ads at people based on their current physical location (F.ex coworking spaces, supermarkets, gyms, hotels, airports, malls and more). This helps in reaching the right audience interested in the advertised products or services. Learn more>

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⚙️ Use Case - Venue Type Targeting

➔ As an example, a gym equipment business can use the venue type targeting feature to target ads at people currently at gyms or fitness centres. This ensures ads reach individuals with a higher interest in buying gym equipment thereby increasing the chances of scans and conversions.

➔ Furthermore, you can utilise the venue types feature to selectively exclude particular locations where their target demographic is unlikely to be found. For instance, a business specialising in travel for senior citizens can exclude venues such as schools and universities, as these establishments are less likely to be frequented by their target audience. 

🎯 Budget

The Performance Indicator enables you to allocate an optimal budget for your ad campaigns, considering their targeting criteria. This tool aids in making informed budget allocation decisions, preventing over or under allocation. Learn more>

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