Geo-based Targeting

Utilise the geo-based targeting feature to promote your products or services within a target country. Additionally, enhance your targeting further by employing geotargeting options, such as specifying a city, region, or postal code.



Here are some of the Geotargeting options available on the FRAMEN Ads Manager

🎯 Target Country

Here you have the option to select the specific target county for your campaign, Please be aware that each campaign allows for the selection of just one country, resulting in a much more effective and localised campaigns. 

⚙️Tooltip: You are asked to select your Target Country while creating a new campaign but you have the option to change your selection within your campaign. Changing your Target Country will reset your existing targeting.


🎯 Target City or Region

Advertise at a specific cites, regions or geospots. Imagine your brand operates internationally and you want to advertise in London, Berlin and Paris. You can not only include specific locations in London, like Canary Wharf (the business district), but you could exclude locations like Staines (a suburb near London). 

🎯 Target Postcode

Advertise at specific locations based on postal codes. You can paste in your post codes or upload a CSV file.

🎯 Map View Targeting

Use the map view to find spots that you would like to advertise around. Simply tap on the locations on the map and decide if you would like to advertise at an area or spot. You can even use the search bar to find and visualise your targeting on the map view.  Learn more>

  • Geo - Area: Choose from predefined areas based on your point of selection on the map 
  • Geo - Spot: Targeting based on your exact geo-spot selection.

⚙️Tooltip: You can click the 'Download' button on Map view to get a shareable screenshot of your campaign's geotargeting.



⚙️ Additional Tooltips:

  • Include: Use the include button to include a geotargeting.
  • Exclude: Use the exclude function to exclude a geotargeting.
  • Radius: Use the radius feature to increase or decrease the area around your geotargeting.

Learn more about the other targeting options available on the FRAMEN Ads Manager here.

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