Spaces Management

This article explains what are “Spaces” and how to use them to reflect your internal organization.

Let’s imagine that you’re a hotel chain and you want only employees of a specific hotel to access the location's assets: location info, players and playlists.

For this, you can create a Space and add specific members to manage and view only the resources that concern them. They won't have access to other resources unless explicitly specified.

Moreover you can define a member rights depending on the space they belongs to. For example a member can be a viewer in the “Berlin" space but he an administrator in the “Paris" space.


  1. On the left menu, navigate to Account > Spaces.
  2. Click Create new Space at the top right corner of the screen.
  3. Choose a title for your Space..
  4. Click on Create to confirm. 
  5. Go to Gallery, Players or Playlists and add the respective content to the Space by clicking on the pen icon and then selecting the Space for it.
  6. Then click Save to complete the process.

Now you can either invite a new member to connect to the Space you created or you can edit an existing member and add a Rule.