How to create and update a Playlist Group?

This article explains the function of a Playlist Group and its applications

This tool is useful if, for example, you’re a gym chain and you want to mix general content related to your brand and content specific to your local club. For example, you can show that opening hours at a particular location are extended while informing visitors that there is a global promotion ongoing.


  • On the left, navigate to > Playlists.
  • Click on Groups.
  • Click on New Playlist Group at the top right corner of the screen.
  • Enter a title for your Playlist Group.
  • Click on Create.
  • To mix your created Playlist Group with different Playlists, click on your Playlist Group.
  • Click on the and select the playlists you want to mix with each other. 
  • Then click on Select.
  • Adjust the slider to determine the level of mixing between the Playlists. If the slider is on the left, the -- Playlist will play in sequence.
  • Click on the ">" button to send your playlist group to one or more Screens.
  • Click on Select.

Your playlist group will now be played on your screens.