FRAMEN Creator Program

The opportunity for creators to reach target audiences in real life

At FRAMEN, we believe that inspiring content should be experienced not just online, but offline as well. Our Creator Program enables talented creators to showcase their content in a variety of locations, from coworking spaces to trendy hotels worldwide.

New Opportunities for Creators to Reach Audiences in Real Life

In addition to the opportunity to reach a broad audience, the FRAMEN Creator Program opens many doors of advantages for our creative minds. By presenting their content in physical locations, creators have the chance to reach their target audiences in real life. This not only creates a direct connection with viewers but also opens up entirely new possibilities for interaction.

The Creator Program allows creators to present their content in the most diverse locations - be it in retail, inspiring coworking spaces, or trendy fitness studios. This variety creates versatile presentation opportunities for the creators' individual content.

Moreover, creators can significantly expand their reach, ensuring their content is consumed by a wide audience that may not have been reached through traditional online platforms.

Creators in the program have the freedom to share content as often as they like. They can simply adapt the content they already share on other social media platforms to FRAMEN's screen requirements and upload it. See our current creators here.

Match Making Platform

Thanks to the Screen Manager and our innovative channel feature, creators' content can be easily subscribed to by our locations. We see ourselves as a match-making platform between creators and locations. Preferred sites for broadcasting are relevant locations, e.g., business content creators' works are specifically presented in coworking spaces. However, all locations have the opportunity to subscribe to the content and display it in their premises.

Locations can subscribe to the fascinating content for free. Our goal is to foster a symbiotic relationship between content creators and locations.

Thus, FRAMEN's Creator Program creates a win-win situation for all involved, offering creators the chance to bring their unique stories into the real world while simultaneously providing locations with captivating and enriching content. We look forward to shaping a new era of content presentation together with our creative community.

How Can One Be Included in the Creator Program?

Joining the Creator Program is very simple; please just fill out the contact form. We are constantly on the lookout for creative minds who wish to share their unique stories and visions with the world.