Payment Methods

Learn more about the types of payment methods available on the FRAMEN Ads Manager.

🎯 Types of Payment Methods

FRAMEN Ads Manager allows users to pay for their advertising campaigns in two ways: by credit card or through deferred payment. This flexibility means that businesses can choose the payment method that works best for them and their financial situation.

  • Deferred Wire Transfer

    Businesses that prefer to pay via deferred wire transfer can speak to our sales team to  set up invoicing and pay for their campaigns at a later date.

  • Credit Card Payment

    Paying by credit card is a quick and easy option for businesses that want to start their campaign right away. 

🎯 Add or Change Payment Details

  • Add Credit Card Details
    • Head over to My Settings > Billing
    • Click on Billing Settings.
    • Click on the Payment Methods tab in the Billing section.
    • Click on Add Credit Card.
    • Enter in your credit card details and click on Save.
  • Update Billing Information

    • Head over to My Settings > Billing
    • Click on Billing Settings.
    • Click on Edit Billing Information.
    • Fill in your billing information and click on Save.


Get Started 🚀

Use the FRAMEN Ads Manager to start your advertising campaign, or schedule a call with our sales team for assistance with setting up your FRAMEN campaign.


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