Forecast Report

The Forecast Report on the FRAMEN Ads Manager is an analytical tool that predicts estimated ad campaign results through the analysis of past performance data and current campaign settings.

Predict your campaign performance with the Forecast Report feature on the FRAMEN Ads Manager. Gain valuable insights into crucial performance metrics such as estimated impressions, spots, screens, frequency, share of voice, and  more. The Forecast Report give you a deeper understanding of your campaign performance prior to your launch.

🎯 Forecasted Performance Metrics

  • Static Metrics
    These forecasted metrics are constant and do not change over time.

    • Impressions: Shows the number of times your campaign creatives would be viewed.
    • Locations: Shows the number of locations at which your campaign would be running.
    • Spots: Shows the estimated number of times your ad would run on screens.
    • Screens: Shows the estimated number of screens your ad would run on.
  • Variable Metrics
    These metrics are updated in real-time and therefore might vary over time.

    • Ad Display Frequency: Shows the overall average frequency at which your campaign ads are expected to play on screens. You can switch between per hour and per day Ad Display Frequency.
    • Share of voice: Shows the Average Share of Voice (SoV) your campaign is expected to achieve across all locations, in comparison with other campaigns that might be running.

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  • Budget Over Time
    This report shows you the budget distribution for your campaign. Adjust the slider to analyse your budget allocation for different time periods.

🎯 Types of Forecasting

With the Forecast Report, get an overview of your campaign's performance as per your targeting, budget and duration.

  • KPI
    Get a concise summary of your campaign's projected performance, including impressions, locations, spots, screens, ad display frequency, share of voice and budget over time distribution.

Screenshot 2023-10-12 at 4.11.08 PM
  • Venues

    You can gain detailed insights into your campaign's projected performance, including impressions, locations, screens, ad frequency, share of voice and budget over time distribution at a venue type level.

    Using the Change Preview button, you can switch between ad creatives and preview them on images of screens at various venue types.

Screenshot 2023-10-12 at 4.13.51 PM

  • Geotargets
    View forecasted performance metrics based on your geotargeting.

    • Geotargets: View forecast metrics such as impressions, locations, spots, screens, ad frequency, and share of voice for the geotargets you are targeting.
    • Locations: View forecast metrics such as impressions, screens, ad frequency, and share of voice for the locations you are targeting.

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  • Creatives
    Choose the creative you would like to preview in the Venue section of the Forecast Report. Take the guesswork out of creative design by visualising your creatives on images of screens at venues. This can help reduce psychological barriers for those new to DOOH and ensure creative elements like font size and background images are the right fit.

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⚙️ Additional Tooltips

  • Show budget: Utilise the Show Budget/Hide Budget button to display or conceal your campaign's total budget on the Forecast Report.
  • Copy link: Use the Copy Link feature to send a link of your campaign's Forecast Report to your team or client.
  • Units: Use the Metric/Imperial button to change your unit of measure between Metric and Imperial.

🎯 Why use the Forecast Report? 

  • Establish Realistic Campaign Goals
    The Forecast Report estimates reach, cost, and engagement metrics, assisting you in setting achievable campaign objectives and adapting budgets accordingly.

  • Make Informed Decisions About Targeting and Placement
    The Forecast Report helps you with insights on ad performance, considering your targeting choices. This helps with informed campaign optimization decisions.

  • Monitor Campaign Performance
    The Forecast Report offers a glimpse into your ad campaign's expected performance over a set timeframe. You can use it to track your campaigns and make necessary adjustments.

  • Optimise Budgets
    The Forecast Report aids advertisers in optimising their budgets and allocating resources more efficiently by displaying estimated ad campaign costs.

  • Preview Ad Campaign
    Visualise your ad creative on preview images of screens at different venues.
  • Easily Share Forecasted Performance
    The Forecast Report tool also helps you effectively communicate a campaign’s configuration and performance to all stakeholders. Simply click on the share button and send the link to anyone you need to communicate your campaign goals with.

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