Ad Display Frequency - How Often is Your Ad Played Out?

Ad Display Frequency denotes the frequency of an advertisement presented within a specified timeframe i.e. the rate at which your ad is displayed.

🎯 What is Ad Display Frequency?

Advertisers can use the Ad Display Frequency to quickly determine how frequent an Ad is being shown over a unit time (e.g. hour or day). Ad Display Frequencies are available at global campaign level, but can also be analysed per geo-targets, venue types and even down to the location level.

🎯 What Affects Your Ad Display Frequency?

  • Targeting: The Ad Display Frequency is influenced by various factors including venue type selection, budget considerations, and targeting preferences.

  • Total Ad Display Time Available: The total available screen time affects the Ad Display Frequency. The value is based on various criteria such as opening hours of the location, duration of location content and other factors.

  • Venue Type: The Ad Display Frequency varies for different Venue Types. It takes into consideration factors such as location type and duration of visit by visitors.  For example, frequencies may differ, with gas stations having a potential frequency of up to 60 times per hour compared to doctor's offices, which may have a potential frequency of up to 10 times per hour.

  • Other Content: Along with your ads, locations have the option of displaying their own content or other publisher content such as news, sports and finance on their screens. There are locations that, for example, only play advertisements and do not show any news content which affects your Ad Display Frequency. Learn more about the content your ad would be displayed amongst here

  • Creative Duration: The duration of your creative affects your Ad Display Frequency. The longer the duration of your campaign the lower is your Ad Display Frequency. We recommend using creatives of 10 second duration.


⚙️Tooltip: For additional insights on footfall traffic and impressions, please head over to our Footfall and Impressions article. 


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