Footfall and Impressions

Impressions are essential for understanding how well you can expect your ad to perform and the number of views it will receive. Here you'll find a breakdown of how we calculate impressions.

Ad impressions are the number of times an advertisement is viewed, while screen impressions refer to the number of times the screens are viewed, regardless of whether ads are being played or not.

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Screen Impressions

The average number of screen views per visitor is determined by the visitor dwell time, the probability of an individual passing by and viewing a screen, the number of screens per location and the type of location. This information is provided once by the screen providers and verified by a FRAMEN team member (selected at random).

The daily screen impressions are then distributed during the week per hour, based on visitor volume data (public on Google Maps) or granular data provided by the screen manager.

Footfall   x   Average screen views per visitor = Screen impressions

Ad Impressions

Ad impressions are the number of times an advertisement is viewed, and this number is what advertisers pay for. The ad impressions depend on the ad frequency, spot length and screen impressions. The higher the ad frequency, the more ad impressions are generated. This number is calculated automatically by our algorithm, which analyses the historical request patterns of each screen over time.

Weekly Impressions

Calculated using the formula from the Public & Private Screens DMI study. The number of impressions is then scaled up to a week.

  • Venue type: Calibration of the visitor's concentration on an hourly basis (daily avg. = 1) based on the open OOH taxonomy and custom FRAMEN venue types.

  • Opening hours: Array of 168 values (24 hours x 7 days) depicting open/close status of a location.

  • Spots per hour: Based on the screen request frequency

  • FRAMEN function: =Imps168 (venue type, opening hours, spots per hour, weekly impressions) 24 hours x 7 days = 168 hours

In summary, choosing the number of venues, duration, times and dates of your ad campaign will affect the number of impressions you receive.