What content will my ads play alongside?

Our screens display captivating stories about business, finance, lifestyle, news, sports and art. So when your content shows up all eyes are already on your brand.

Our screens are designed to captivate audiences with stories and information that is relevant and engaging. We cover a wide range of topics including business, finance, lifestyle, news, sports and art. This means that when your content is featured on our screens, it is already in front of an engaged and attentive audience who are interested in the types of topics that your brand represents. This makes our screens an ideal platform to showcase your brand and increase brand awareness.

With our screens, you can be sure that your message will be seen by the right people, at the right time, in the right place. Our screens are strategically placed in high-traffic areas, ensuring maximum visibility for your brand. So if you want to reach a wider audience and make a lasting impression, our screens are the perfect choice for your next advertising campaign.


Our news selection includes a variety of reputable sources such as Bild, Welt, Bundesliga Highlights, Business Insider, and many more. We understand that different locations have different audiences, which is why we allow our locations to determine which news, topics, and articles are played on their screens. This means that the content being displayed is tailored to the specific interests of the audience in that location.

For example, a location in a busy business district may choose to feature more business and finance news, while a location in a sports-centric area may choose to feature more sports news. This level of customisation ensures that the content being displayed is relevant, engaging, and of interest to the audience. It's also worth noting that we are constantly updating the news selection, so our locations always have access to the latest and most relevant news, topics and articles, making sure that the audience is always informed.

Location Content 

In addition to displaying content from external brands, some of our locations also add their own content to keep the audience engaged and informed. For example, in co-working spaces, they may feature information about upcoming community events and networking opportunities, allowing members to connect with one another and stay informed about what's happening in the space.

In gyms, they may feature information about upcoming classes and schedule, so members can plan their workout routine and never miss a class again. In restaurants, we may feature information about special offers, promotions, and daily specials, making it easy for customers to plan their meals and take advantage of discounts.

By adding their own content, locations are able to provide valuable information to their audience and enhance their experience. This not only keeps their audience engaged and informed but also helps the businesses to promote themselves and increase their customer's engagement.

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