How can I make sure my screen is online and connected?

The screen is online and can be managed from the dashboard when the 3 states as follow:
- Wifi: connected
- Internet: online
- Server: reachable

Screenshot 2023-01-18 at 18.50.08

What to do if Wifi is not connected?

- Check if this is a problem related to the TV Box or stick only, and that there is not a global problem with the router

- It can happen that the Wifi regularly gets disconnected if the signal strength is weak ( usually less than 5/10). In these case, we recommend to install a repeater in the location to extend the wifi signal.

What do to if the Wifi is connected but internet is offline?

- If you're using a firewall,  make sure that the box has been whitelisted. You can find the MAC address at the bottom of the box.

- If everything is setup correctly, we advise you to restart the box
- If after restarting the box, the issue is still happening, we advise as last resort to forget and reconnect to the wifi

If after all these steps the problem is still happening, please create a ticket describing the usual issue happening with the box.