My screen is showing old content, how can I resolve it?

If your screen is showing content that isn't part of your current playlist, check the guide below for first help.

Step 1: Ensure that your TV Box is online

In order to check that the TV is correctly connected to the internet, open the menu with the remote control and verify that the following each shows a green dot:
- Wifi Connected
- Internet Online
- Server Reachable

If any of the following is red or the wifi appears to be connected but without internet, the content on the box cannot be updated. 


Step 2: Check the playlists group

If you are not using playlist groups, go directly to Step 3.

Go to Playlists Groups and verify that only the playlists you want are included in the group.

If you perform any updates, re-send the playlist group to the players.


Step 3: Refresh the player

You can refresh the player directly on the dashboard

- Go to Players, click on the player you want to refresh

- On the right-hand upper corner, click on the three dots

- Click on "Refresh Player"


Step 4: Update your playlist

If refreshing the player is not successful, we advise you to change the order of the content in your playlist. This will trigger a verification of the content and should remove any old content.

In order to reorder a playlist,

- Go to the playlist

- Click the reorder icon Screenshot 2023-01-16 at 15.33.15

- Save the changes


If none of the following steps worked, please reach out to our Support team.