How to temporarily turn off ads?

Follow this guide below if one of your screen is temporarily unavailable for ads.

If one of your location is closing, you can archive the location and all screens directly on the dashboard - learn how to do that here. 

🎯 How to temporarily turn off Ads?

  • Open the FRAMEN Dashboard and go to the Players tab.
  • Select the player you want to disable and click on “Ads”.
  • Toggle off “Ads Provider” to deactivate ads.
  • Once your issue is resolved, simply toggle on to receive ads.

KB_ScreenManager_Ads provider


🎯 Archiving Players

Please note that it is not possible at the moment to archive screens only directly on the dashboard. In this case, please contact your Account Manager or raise a ticket to our Support team.

🎯 How to temporarily turn off your Screen?

If you need to turn off your screen during business hours, it is certainly possible to do so. However, it’s important to keep in mind that you won’t be able to earn any money while your screen is off. This means that if you plan on turning your screen on and off frequently, you’ll need to make sure you manage it effectively.

It's also important to note that screen providers will need to update their available hours to reflect any changes in screen usage, as advertisers rely on this information to determine when they can advertise on those screens.