Set up email alerts

When your screen is offline, you can receive setup email alerts to stay up to date

If one of your screens went offline during the day, we can send you an email the day after to bring visibility and let you take fast actions.

In order to set up this alert, follow the steps below:

- On the left, go to  tv_FILL0_wght400_GRAD0_opsz48 Players

- Select the Player you want to receive notifications for

- On the right-hand side, click on more_vert_FILL1_wght400_GRAD0_opsz48

- Click on "notifications_FILL1_wght400_GRAD0_opsz48 Notify"


Can you send email notifications to more than one email address?

Yes, you can. It's easier than it seems.

  1. Before adding members, please ensure that they have confirmed their email addresses and registered with FRAMEN.

  2. Now you can select "all" for creative approval emails and receive notifications via email.

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