How to create a Location and get it approved?

This article explains what are locations, an essential part of your ability to earn money, and the information needed to make the most of them.


In order for advertisers to easily locate and choose your screens, it is essential to provide detailed information about your venues.

For instance, if you are a co-working space and a new B2B service is creating a campaign on the Ads Manager to target entrepreneurs, it is crucial for your location to showcase itself as the perfect match for your audience.

Let's get started with creating a location!

🎯 Step 1: Create a Location

- On the left, navigate to dashboard_icon_monetization Earn Money > Locations

- Click on New Location at the top right of the monitor

- Enter the name of the Location and click on Create

🎯 Step 2: Add details

In order to send your location for review, fill in the data below:

- Address: Type in the complete address and select the best suggestion

- Venue Type: Type and select in the dropdown the venue type that matching your location

- Opening Hours: Select in the table the hours and days the location is open. Confirm your choice by clicking on the “Save” button

- Average number of visitors per day: Enter the average number of total visitors in each day. The better the algorithm can understand which days in a week are frequently visited, the better the selection of fitting advertisements can be.

- Set visitor profile and interest:  You can provide additional demographic and interest-based data about your audience to help brands chose your location.

- Gallery: You can add photos showcasing your location with the screen(s)

- Contacts: This data is only visible to the FRAMEN support team. It is helpful to add the phone number of the location or location manager, as well as an email in case of troubleshooting.

🎯 Step 3: Add the players

Add here all the Screens that belong to the given location.

  1. On the upper right-hand side, click on the icon_dahsboard_plus next to Player
  2. Select all the Players that belong to the Location.
  3. Click on Select.

The Ads flag should be On for each Player you will add.

🎯 Step 4: Send the location to review

The location is currently a draft. In order to be available to receive ads, the Location must be submitted for review. This can be done on the upper left-hand side by clicking on Submit for Review

We will review the data provided against our benchmarks to ensure accuracy and contact you if needed for further verification. This process takes on average 3 to 5 days.

Once your location is approved, the players can be found and selected by advertisers!