Manage Reports

This article explains how to interpret the data presented in the advertisement report

The Reports is a summary of all Ads that have been successfully run on your Screens.

To explore this section follow these steps:

  1. On the left, navigate to  Earn Money > Reports
  2. You can organize the view by Players or Creatives: choosing one or another would aggregate the data by Screen or by Creative.
  3. You can choose either to explore the data by time frame simply clicking on Today

The Report is organized in different sections:

  • Creative or Player (depending on how you will set` the view)
  • First and last time when an advertisement was streamed.
  • Creatives Total: number of unique Ads that ran.
  • Spot Total:  number of Spots related to the Creative (for example you can have 3 Creatives and 30 Spots it means that the three ads ran 30 time)
Furthermore: on the upper right of your monitor you can find it as well an “Export” button, this will allow you to export your current view as a .csv file so your Marketing Department could run some analysis.