How to maximize earnings?

With FRAMEN, you have the potential to earn money from ads! Find below all the checkpoints that will help you getting noticed by advertisers!


🎯 Make sure that your screens are always online at all times

If your screens go offline, they won't be visible in our marketplace, and advertisers won't be able to book them!

⚙️Tooltip: You can monitor your screens' status on our dashboard and set up email alerts.

🎯 Make sure your screen has the right setup to receive ads

Check on the dashboard to ensure that your location has been approved and is ready to receive ads. Also, make sure that all players associated with your location have the ads toggle turned on.

⚙️Tooltip: If you are using FRAMEN Digital Signage, make sure the ad frequency slide is reduced to the minimum: more ad slots = more chance for earnings!

🎯 Share precise data about your location and audience

The more precise information we have, including:

  • daily visitor counts,
  • operating hours,
  • address and contact,
  • and audience demographics, the better our algorithm can leverage these insights to effectively suggest your locations to the advertisers.

⚙️Tooltip: Add photos of your locations to make them more visible on our marketplace!

The player's heat may help reduce humidity levels.

🎯 Limit your brands block list 

The more extensive your block list, the higher chance you will pass on attractive ads! At FRAMEN, you are in total control of the content appearing on your screen: you will always receive an email asking for your approval.

⚙️Tooltip 1: the faster you approve a creative, the faster the delivery (and earnings!).
⚙️Tooltip 2: Switch on Auto-Approval! If you do not have a strong blocklist, take advantage of auto-approval: you still have time to change your mind and reject the ads afterwards.


If you have any questions, please contact your account manager or contact our support team at: