Create and Manage Players Groups

This article explain how to create a group of Players

The Player Group is a collection of Players created with the purpose of sending the same Playlist to different Screens simultaneously.

Let’s imagine that you’re a gym club chain and you want to offer a flash offer to all your clubs in the country. If you have created a Player Group, you can send the same Playlists to every Location in one click.

  1. On the left, navigate to”Players.
  2. Next to the title click on the tab “Group”
  3. Go on the right side of the monitor and click “New Player Group”
  4. Add a Title and (optionally) a Space
  5. Click on to add the Screens you want to add to the Player Group
  6. Click on if you want to edit the name or the connected Space 
  7. Click on  if you want to delete the Playlist Group

Here’s how to send a Playlist to a Player Group:


  1. On the left, navigate to Media > Playlists
  2. Click the ">" button to send the Playlist 
  3. A list of Players will be displayed, click on the upper side “Groups”
  4. Choose the Playlist Group of your choice
  5. Click “Select