Creative Approval Management

This article explains to you all about creatives approval and management.


The creatives page displays the list of creatives and brands by advertisers who wish to run campaigns in your locations.

- On the left, navigate to  dashboard_icon_monetization Earn Money > Creatives

- Preview the creative by clicking on it

- Advertiser refers to the brand name. If it says “FRAMEN Programmatic”, this means the creative comes from a third-party partner.

- Status: This is either "pending", "approved" or "rejected

🎯 Creative Approval Emails

By default, the "root user" of the organization receives the "Creative Approval Request" email. 

You can enable more members to receive Creative Approval emails by going to Members and turning the toggle on.

🎯 How to approve a creative?

You have total control on the creatives and you can approve or reject the creative

thumb_up_FILL1_wght400_GRAD0_opsz48 Use the thumb up to approve a creative

thumb_down_FILL1_wght400_GRAD0_opsz48 Use the thumb down to reject a creative

Please note that if you do not approve or reject the creative within 48h, it will automatically be approved.


🎯 How to set up auto-approval?

If you do not have any strict block list and want to limit potential loss, we encourage you to switch on auto-approval. 
As soon as a campaign starts, the creative will run on your screen. Please note that even if instant approval is turned on, you have the ability to reject it within 48h.