Review Status / Campaign Approval

What is the campaign approval ratio? 

When a campaign status is changed to "live", a review is sent to FRAMEN to ensure that the setup is correct. Once this review is finished, the creatives are sent for approval to each screen network selected based on the campaigns' setup.
The screen provider has the option to either approve all ads or provide approval on a per campaign basis. The approval process takes place within a 24 hour time frame. In the event that the screen provider does not respond, the ad will still go live.
The approval ratio increases whenever a Screen Provider has approved the creatives until it reaches 100%, meaning all network have approved the creatives.

My campaign starts soon and the approval ratio is not at 100%, what can I do?

A 100% approval rate is not necessary for a successful campaign. Screen providers who have approved the creative will distribute it according to the campaign setup. If any location has not approved, your budget will still be allocated to approved locations. If there are any issues with specific locations, our team is available to assist. In such cases, please don't hesitate to contact us.