Linear Campaign Wizard

Step by step! A guided experience to help you launch a campaign - with FRAMEN Ads Manager Linear Campaign Wizard, launching effective campaigns has never been faster!

your Seatbelt
Easy Peasy
and Step-by-Step
Door Opener
to DOOH Campaigns

Now you can create
your campaigns in record
time, five steps and you
are ready for take off.

Your Step-by-Step
approach that makes
crafting impactful ads
are a breeze. 
Feeling comfortable?
Enter the next level and change to advanced
editor for details.
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With FRAMEN Ads Managers campaign wizard, you get a sneak peek of your campaign before launching it. This summary and preview feature acts like a forecast report that you can share with others. It helps you fine-tune your campaign, align it with your goals, and grab your audience's attention. 

Ready to rumble? 

Don't miss out on this opportunity to elevate your advertising game! Sign up for FRAMEN Ads Manager today and start your first DOOH campaign with the Linear Campaign Wizard. The world is waiting for you!