Introducing Channels: Captivating content for you!

This article will guide you on how to access Channels, the types of content available, and how to manage the content displayed on your FRAMEN screens.


🔖 Table of Contents

  • Introduction to Channels
  • Accessing Channels
  • Type of content 
  • Benefits
  • Managing Channels


🎯 Introduction

Channels on FRAMEN offer a wide range of curated content for screen owners to keep their location visitors entertained. With partnerships established with content creators in various fields, such as news, sports, art, influencers, and more, Channels provides exclusive access to creative and engaging content.

🎯Accessing Channels

To access Channels and explore the available content, follow these steps:

  • Sign into your Screen Manager dashboard on FRAMEN.
  • Click on the 'Channels' tab in the left-hand side menu.

  • Scroll down or use the search bar to find interesting content that you would like to display on your screens, and click Subscribe.

  • You will find all your subscriptions in the My Subscriptions section.

🎯 Types of Content Available on Channels

Channels offers a diverse range of content across various categories in multiple languages. Here are some examples of the types of content available:

  • News: Build, Welt, Business Insider, UAE Top News, and more.
  • Sports & Fitness: Build and Bundesliga, Fitness Fitbook, and more.

  • Fashion & Lifestyle: Elle, Elle DÉCO, Fashion Stylebook, Le Journal Les Femmes: MODE, and more.
  • Marketing & Tech: Les Echos: Tech & Médias, Le Figaro: Tech & Web, Simply Digital, and many more.
  • Travel & Food: BMFTV Voyage, and more.

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🎯 Benefits of Using Channels

Through Channels you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Exclusive Content: Gain access to creatives produced by well-known content creators in various fields, ensuring high-quality and engaging content for your screens.

  • Diverse Range of Topics: Channels cover a wide array of topics, allowing you to cater to the different interests and demographics of your location visitors.

  • Free Content: All the content available on Channels is completely free and can be displayed without any additional costs.

🎯 Managing Channels Content

While Channels provide valuable content, you may have specific preferences or requirements for your screens. If there are any creatives you do not want to display, you can reach out to FRAMEN support at to request their exclusion.