Campaign & Budget Optimisation

To achieve optimal performance on your campaign, aim to get the campaign performance indicator into the green zone. Here are some strategies to help you get there. (4)

Check the Campaign Performance Indicator to predict your campaign's performance based on your budget and targeting. For the best campaign results, align your reach/impressions with your budget. In general, a smaller budget should correspond to a smaller impression count.



🎯 Performance Indicator Overview

  • Perfect Budget: The green zone
    The tool calculates a budget range for optimal results. It takes into account your targeting details and the available advertising slots.

  • Under Paid: The yellow zone
    This indicator suggests that your current budget is insufficient for achieving optimal campaign performance. To improve, consider narrowing your target audience, shortening the campaign duration, reducing daily play hours, or increasing your budget.

  • Over Paid: The red zone
    This indicator suggests you're overspending, and your chosen budget may be too high. You have option to consider widening your target criteria, extending your campaign duration, or lowering your budget.

🎯 Campaign Performance Optimisation

  • Targeting Optimisation
    Incase your campaign is underpaid, try narrowing down your geo-targeting by selecting specific postcodes, cities or streets. Incase your campaign is overpaid, consider adding in more selections to your geotargeting.

  • Date & Time Optimisation
    Another method to address underpaid campaigns is to consider shortening the campaign duration or using Advanced Scheduling to narrow the timings for your campaign. For overpaid campaigns, extend the duration or remove any Advanced Scheduling choices.

  • Budget Optimisation
    Another straightforward approach to optimise your budget is to raise your budget for underpaid campaigns and reduce it for overpaid ones. 

🎯 Budget Distribution

Our delivery system will spread your budget across your campaign's duration, although daily allocation may not be perfectly even.

🎯 Troubleshooting Campaigns

The campaign guide on the left side of the FRAMEN Ads Manager screen is a vital tool for effective campaign management. It offers warnings and essential campaign information to ensure proper setup. Look out for red warnings in the campaign guide, as they indicate potential campaign issues. Take prompt action to resolve them, ensuring a seamless campaign experience while avoiding potential complications.



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