Ads Creative Policy

Our ads creative policy is a set of guidelines that define the content and format of advertisements that are displayed and booked through FRAMEN screens.

These policies are put in place to ensure that ads are appropriate, accurate, and conform to legal and regulatory requirements. Within our ad creative policies, you'll find guidelines for language, imagery, and targeting, as well as rules against misleading or deceptive advertising. You need to ensure that you comply with these policies in order to have your ads approved and run on the FRAMEN Ads Manager.

We're place restrictions on some type of content that is not accepted by most of our partners. Therefore, please refrain from creating ads which promote content or pictures that resemble any of the topics mentioned in the below list:

Ads making misleading or deceptive claims IAB26-1 (illegal content)
Adult sexual content IAB25-3 (pornography)
Copyrighted materials IAB26-4 (copyright infringement)
Counterfeit goods IAB26-4 (copyright infringement)
Drugs and drug paraphernalia IAB26-1 (illegal content)
Endangered species products: IAB26-1 (illegal content)
Hate content, sensitive topics, and violence IAB25-5 (hate content), IAB25-2 (extreme graphic/explicit violence)
Illegal products and services IAB26-1 (illegal content)
Incentivised clicks and downloads IAB25-7 (incentivised)*
Spyware and illegal hacking IAB26-3 (spyware/malware)
P2P file-sharing apps, torrents or any apps that facilitate or promote copyright infringement IAB26-4 (copyright infringement)
Unauthorised ticket sales IAB26-1 (illegal content)
Weapons and weapons accessories IAB26-1 (illegal content)


⚠️ Attention: Any content and/or image that can potentially be associated with the mentioned list of categories (e.g. a lingerie creative can be mistaken for adult content) are prohibited by default. 

Exception: Advertising for Tobacco and tobacco accessories is not widely accepted due to high restrictions, although it is not forbidden - IAB9-9 (cigars).


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