Hi, do you like to win? Sure you do! So do we. Here’s how we all win.

We are FRAMEN, Europe’s fastest growing digital out of home network. What is digital-out-of-home you may ask? Simply put, it’s advertising everywhere other than your phone or TV at home. Think of a typical billboard or poster that advertises an event, a product or a service. But all digital. Now what’s so great about that you ask? 

Imagine you have your creative printed but need to make a change, react to a current event or simply tweak your campaign. Once its printed, you need to make edits and reprint again, resulting in wasted budget! With digital you can just swap it on the fly. See where I’m going here?

Another nice digital benefit is timing. This poster hangs as long as it hangs, all the time, rain or shine, day or night. With digital you can customise that. Say you want to reach your audience only from 8-11am in the morning. Then you only run it at that time and save your budget where it matters. All is possible with digital. 

Ok, but what about FRAMEN? Now we are the glue to help you here. 

You’re want to run a highly targeted campaign to a very specific audience. We got you. I kinda just explained a lil how that could work. With our ability to highly and accurately target your campaign, means you get the maximum return on investment in your ad plays.

FRAMEN makes all that possible. And while our teams are super helpful and would love to talk to you, you don’t actually need us. You can do it all yourself - with me, the FRAMEN Ads Manager.

Establish your campaign, target it, budget it, localise it, time it, upload your creatives. start it, and see your reporting live. All so easy a boomer can do it. 😉 

We already have over 14,000 screens in more than 3000 cities in 10 countries, and more are coming every day. And really any venue type you could dream of. Coworking, gyms, hotels, gas stations, airports, supermarkets, malls, bars, restaurants, travel agencies and more and more and more.

We are connecting people. We are FRAMEN. It’s nice to meet you!