Campaign Budget

With your campaign budget, you determine how many impressions you want to book for the campaign. The Ads Manager uses the budget and calculates your total amount of impressions based on geo-location, venues, and timing parameters.

What is the right Budget?

Start your campaign with as little as £10/€10. If you’re not sure how much you would like to spend on a campaign, don't worry - let the performance indicator guide you to the optimal budget for your campaign parameters. 

HubSpot Video

This is how you can work with our performance indicator. Let our tool do the work for you.

💚 The green zone

The Ads Manager can recommend a budget range to achieve optimal results. This range is calculated based on your targeting details as well as booked and available impressions. 

💛 There's still room for improvement

This indicator says you’re underpaying and the budget you selected is too low to archive perfect campaign performance. You can either narrow down your targeting, shorten the duration, reduce daily playout hours for your campaign or simply increase your budget.

💗 Hold your horses 

This indicator says you’re overpaying and the budget you selected is too high and there are not enough impressions available. You can choose to broaden your targeting specifications, increase the time period for your campaign or simply reduce your budget.

How is the budget distributed?

Our delivery system will distribute your budget throughout the runtime of your campaign, but it is not guaranteed that allocation will be perfectly even on a day-to-day basis. If you would like to set a daily spending cap, look into the daily budget instead.